Caleta de Famara

La Caleta de Famara – tranquil village in the North-west of the Lanzarote. It is known for having one the best beaches in Lanzarote, where you don’t have to search for a empty space on the sand. La Caleta de Famara does not have many visitors so it is good place for relaxing holidays. And it is just 50 minutes bus ride from Arrecife – well known Lanzarote resort.

Caleta de Famara

As mentioned that Famara is known like calm village you can still find it convenient for tourists. There are lots of fish restaurants, some surf shops. What is more delightful that there are no banks in La Caleta de Famara. It means that there is no hurrying people there, no hustle or bustle. So it is huge advantage if you compare it for Arrefice or Playa Blanca. But do not forget to exchange some money before going to the Famara.

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La Caleta de Famara is some kind sweet and cozy village. The word Caleta means “small port” that still is a part of the village. For many years fishermen used to sail for fishing that was their main food. But today the port is home for leisure boats. Making Famara more attractive there are a lot of one – floor bungalows. Now many of them are available for rent.

One of the most popular activities in La Caleta de Famara is surfing. Often the village is called “The paradise of surfers”. Warm water, excellent waves, beautiful beaches with sand and cliffs makes it awesome place to grab the surfboard and dive into the ocean. You can rent a board in local Surf shop or book there some surfing lessons. If you do not think that surfing is for you, it is really recommended to watch other surfers in El Quemao (15 km to south) where gathers best surfers of Canary island and Europe.

Caleta de Famara

Of course there are more activities in Caleta de Famara. For example you can try kitesurfing – still on board but in cooperation with wind. If you do not like water you can still can find something to do in Lanzarote, for example skating, cycling or taking lesson of Yoga or Pilates. Also Famara is very applicable for walking. Main walking spots are Risco cliffs, Mirador del Rio or the 12 km route to old capital of Teguise.

If you are still in doubt whether to choose Famara as your holiday destination or not we highly recommend to spend your holidays there. It is tranquil small village not so popular within tourists but still having suggest all you need – from restaurants and awesome beaches to various activities.

Caleta de Famara weather

Weather in la Caleta de Famara is really mild. Weather is suitable for all year round travelling. Coldest months are January – February, when temperature can drop to 14 degrees Celsius or even more. The most warm period in Lanzarote is summer, July to September. Average high temperature reaches 30 degrees, sometimes can reach even 40 degrees Celsius.

Caleta de Famara restaurants

Restaurante Sol is great restaurant that offers you fresh seafood, including octopus and paellas. It has great views of beach and cliffs but is often crowded by locals and quite expensive.

Croissantteria el Tertulia.Probably best place in Caleta de Famara for a dinner. It offers you a lot of desserts, including pies, cakes, and pastries. Staff is really friendly and helpful and the restaurant has nice views outside.

Caleta de Famara

Clandestino Surf Bar. Pleasant restaurant with relaxing and chilled atmosphere. For those who wants to eat cheap in relaxing friendly atmosphere. Staff is really helpful and friendly.

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Things to do in Caleta de Famara

Overall, here are the most popular activities in Caleta de Famara. Try to choose the most interesting for you, unless you do not have time for all of them.

  • get rest in large beach
  • rent a bungalow for few days stay
  • visit small port
  • try surfing and other beach activities
  • eat at one of many fish restaurants
  • go for a walk and visit both Risco cliffs and Mirador del Rio
  • take a tour to other sightseeing spots in the island

La Caleta de Famara on the map