Los Hervideros Lanzarote

Los Hervideros (Boiling Waters) are complex of caves and blow holes formed by lava. It is located to the north of the Playa Blanca resort (southern part of Lanzarote island) towards El Golfo.

Los Hervideros Lanzarote

Actually, there are no boiling waters at all. Just sea water and few caves.

So why it is called so?

It is called so because when waves crashes into that holes a lot of white surf are produced and then it looks like water is boiling. Bizarre – shaped cliffs, natural rock sculptures makes this place really stunning.

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The best time to visit Los Hervideros during high tides or big waves. During storms waves are really rough and sprays can be forced several metres into the air. Of course you do not have to wait for rough weather – the sight is really impressive even during calm days.

But if you want some adrenaline it is recommended to see the phenomenon during full moon to experience the full power of the crashing waves. Imagine night with full moon, you are standing on the cliff and hearing waves crashing and roaring below. It should be really amazing. But again, be careful if you come here at night.

Los Hervideros

It is convenient to take one-day trip combined of visiting Los Hervideros, El golfo – fishermen village with its Charco de los Clicos– amazing green sea water lagoon. During the trip don’t forget to have a typical Canarian dinner in one of the villages.

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Los Hervideros weather


Weather in Los Hervideros is really mild. Weather is suitable for all year round travelling. Coldest months are January – February, when temperature can drop to 14 degrees Celsius or even more. The most warm period in Lanzarote is summer, July to September. Average high temperature reaches 30 degrees, sometimes can reach even 40 degrees Celsius.

Los Hervideros on the map