La Graciosa Lanzarote

La Graciosa is a volcanic island located in Canary islands on Chinijo Archipelago,In 2km Of island Lanzarote.

This island is not for Fans of a noisy holidays and lovers of nightlife. If you are this type of person you will die from boredom on La Graciosa. This island is for people who love to have a quiet vacation.

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The desert landscape of the island contrasts with marvelous, gold-sandy beaches and the purest turquoise water. There are no tourist complexes and typical new buildings, with which are packed the rest of the islands of the Canary archipelago. On the island there are no asphalted roads and the only way to travel is by bicycles or old safari jeeps. Only a small part of the territory is inhabited: there are only two small fishing settlements on La Graciosa with a total population of about six hundred inhabitants.

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Weather in La Graciosa


La Graciosa is the only place in Europe where you can go for sunbathing in the winter. In other words, the average monthly temperature in winter here is not 13 ° C, 15 ° C or 18 ° C but usually not less than 20 ° C or higher. you can swim all year round, the water temperature is not lower than 20 ° C. Only distant tropical countries can compete with such a climate, which to reach from Europe will take minimum half a day. Locals in La Graciosa are very friendly and hospitable.

La Graciosa is famous for the most beautiful and deserted beaches in the Canary Islands (for this reason many of the local houses belong to the inhabitants of the other islands of the Canary archipelago, who come here to rest in the summer).

The beaches here with crystal clear turquoise waters and white and golden sand mixed with fine-grained basalt and quartz are really wild, unspoiled by civilization. Any beach on the island can be reached on foot. There are no crowds of tourists, plastic umbrellas and chairs, typical for the huge, crowded beaches.


La Graciosa History and Underwater World


The Chinijo Archipelago (coming from the local word meaning “small”) was declared a marine reserve in 1995 and today is Europe’s largest natural reserve with an area of ​​70,000 ha.

The local underwater world is one of the most diverse on the Canary Islands.There were found 304 species of large seaweed, and off the coast nest a lot of species of birds, including rare and endangered. This area is declared a bird sanctuary and an  ecological reserve.

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The discoverer of the island is Jean de Betancourt, although it is for certain known that before him the seafarers anchored in the coastal waters of the island. Vacation on La Graciosa is able to offer the same sensations of the discovery of uninhabited land experienced by the geographer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt in 1799.

Approaching the island, he took the basalt rock for the fortress and lifted the Spanish flag in greeting. However, the island was uninhabited and later the scientist described his impressions in his book. For many years, La Graciosa served as a haven for pirates.

Until now, there are legends about the treasure on the island, allegedly hidden by the British-pursued pirates on the Las Conchas beach.

Sometimes residents of Lanzarote sought refuge here, especially during volcanic eruptions. Not so long ago, La Graciosa was a hunting ground for Lansarotts, where they hunted a pardella (an African pigeon type). A large colony of these birds used to nest on the island. Today, to save the rare species, hunting for pigeons is prohibited.


La Graciosa Places to visit


Clean, transparent water and amazingly diverse underwater world attracts fans of diving, scuba diving and other types of water sports. For fans of extreme sports – sharp black and red-brown rocks of volcanic origin, surfing around which is recommended only for experienced professionals.


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All this together and individually makes the island of La Gracios one of the last corners of Southern Europe, where there is still the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful beauty of untouched nature. This is a place for romance, for long walks on the beach in the light of a magnificent sunset, and for dinner at a local restaurant where you will be served freshly caught fish, potatoes in a canary style and will be offered a bottle of fine wine.

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