Playa Blanca Market in Lanzarote

Playa Blanca resort lies in the southern part of Lanzarote. The place prides itself for impressive seafront and wonderful views of other Canary Islands like Fuerteventura and its local volcanoes – the Montana Roja. Shopping and market days takes place at Rubicon Marina every Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. On non-market days, Rubicon Marina stays as a beautiful place for tourists who engage in sports like diving and yachting, and other leisure activities like visiting the underwater water museum.

Playa Blanca market working hours

The Rubicon Marina

The Playa Blanca’s elegant, stylish, and chic Rubicon Marina is an amazing place to spend your afternoon. In case you are staying at other interior resorts or villages like Yaiza, you can take a bus to Rubicon Marina and enjoy a dip in the modern outdoor pool while sipping a homemade cocktail. Later, you might want want to take a stroll to the beautiful harbor and explore the magnificent yachts around the deck.

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On Wednesday and Saturday’s during the market hours, Rubicon Marina normally comes to life as it thrives with the Playa Blanca’s local market. Holidaymakers can shop for locally made or sourced Canarian goods as well as handmade crafts. While shopping and exploring the many stalls, you will be enjoying street music and can hop at the cafes on the pavements for a bite of the local foods. The place can be a lot of fun if you are on holiday as a family with kids and oldies. You will still find it fun if you are a couple or a loner holidaymaker. Actually, lone holidaymakers get to interact with the locals compared to families.

Market from inside

Shopping at Playa Blanca’s Rubicon Marina

The Playa Blanca market can be a perfect place day-out if you are staying elsewhere on Lanzarote island. You can barter what you have with local trinkets and souvenirs. The locals, more so teenagers, will be happy to take your average hand watch for something worth more to you. When shopping, you have the room to bargain, just like any other open markets around the world. They understand that you are a tourist and will over-price the initial bid to over three times the price of the commodity or gift.

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There’s much more to shop, do, and explore at this Lanzarote’s most stylish market. Their tobacco, branded perfumes, cigarillos, cigars, cosmetics, and alcohol can be shopped in a duty-free system, unlike most places around the world. You might also want to shop at their boutiques, souvenir shops, or shopping malls if real-shopping is something for you while on holiday! After shopping and bargaining gifts for your friends and loved one back at home, you might want to relax and maybe indulge in one of the numerous luxurious fish restaurants in Rubicon Marina. For couples or families, you might try to do some more shopping at the designer stores.

In Playa Blanca you will always find souvenirs for friends and family

Travelling to Playa Blanca Market

Regardless of where you are coming from, the air-conditioned coaches are the best for couples or families wishing to visit and shop at the Rubicon Marina Market. Although, for lone tourists and oldies, hiring a bike can be a thrilling experience. You will get to enjoy the beauty of the Canary Islands as you cycle to the market. The experience might be a lot livelier and rewarding if you are staying at resorts or hotels closer to Rubicon Marina like Yaiza village.

If you choose to travel by the coaches, they will drop you directly at the market. There, you can do your shopping and enjoy their food and wine. There is plenty of handmade artwork and local produce to shop, while the local fancy restaurants and traditional cafes will keep you refreshed. After shopping and closure of the market at 2:00 PM, you can spend the after and evening looking around the luxurious yachts in the marina. Nonetheless, you might consider taking the coastal promenade right to the center of Playa Blanca. Travelling back is much the same, depending on the means that you used to get to the market.