Haria and Teguise markets – Lanzarote

People use to say, if you are willing to find out everything about different culture, especially when traveling, it is a must going to national – local – markets, which are held every Saturday morning.

Probably you are asking why – well, most of the local people, in this way, are able to share their national meals and, of course, different kind of souvenirs. It is clearly to say that going out of the country is not allowed if you are not going to take anything with you, thus do not miss your chance!

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Today we are willing to write about two different markets – Haria and Teguise – which, as we have mentioned previously, are held every Saturday morning.

It has become not only a tradition, yet it makes a wonderful opportunity to salesmen gain profit and in this way survive, most of the cases.

As he have said, there is no better way to find out about different culture than communicating with people and buying, trying out their national products, meals, thus we have a very strong intuition that the article we are going to write today will be more than satisfying for most of the readers.

Haria and Teguise markets

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Let’s begin with saying that Teguise market, one of our mentioned ones, is the biggest one – that is why it is called mother of Lanzarote’s markets.

Comparing, as example, to Haria market, where less than 30 stalls are offered for the tourists, during Teguise period more than 100 different salesmen are glad to show their production and promote to the clients.

Without any doubts, during this market day, you may find anything, which is relevant to Lanzarote’s culture, Spanish culture and, of course, to the people.

It would be important to mention that in most of the cases Teguise market is considered to be more social event that specific marketplace.

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However, what about Haria? Well, as we have mentioned, Teguise and Haria markets are the biggest ones, thus the second we are going to write about, is an exception because of the specific crafts, which are sold.

Even though, mostly there are less than 30 stalls given, anyone can find reasonable starting with woodworks and finishing with national jewelry. Of course, it would be huge loss to miss this market, knowing that it is held every Saturday morning.

All things considered, there is no better way to find out a unique part of culture, besides participating on the markets.