Weather in Lanzarote

Climate in Lanzarote is really mild. Weather is suitable for all year round travelling. Coldest months are January – February, when temperature can drop to 14 degrees Celsius or even more.

The most warm period in Lanzarote is summer, July to September. Average high temperature reaches 30 degrees, sometimes can reach even 40 degrees Celsius.

Weather in Lanzarote

Spring weather in Lanzarote


Average low and high temperature in March varies from 15 to 23 degrees Celsius. So it is still good time to visit the island. Maybe not for sunbathing or swimming but for sightseeing in the capital Arrefice, Playa Blanca or another town.

Temperature in April and May is couple degrees higher. Average precipitation in March reaches about 16 mm. And in April and May in decreases significantly to 2 mm. Sun shines about 8 – 9 hours per day during these months.

Weather in Lanzarote in March. In March average air temperature is 18 – 19 degrees Celsius or about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. There are only 12 mm precipitation in whole month that is almost zero when counting for one day. Daytime reaches almost 12 hours.

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Weather in Lanzarote in April. April is a bit warmer in Lanzarote. Average temperature grows to 19 – 20 degrees Celsius. That means daytime we have more than 20 degrees Celsius and at night temperature drops to about 16 degrees Celsius. Precipitation is still very low – only 6 mm per month.

Weather in Lanzarote in May. In May air temperature in Lanzarote increases one more degree is reaches 20 degrees Celsius average. 25 degrees daytime and 17 degrees at night. Precipitation reaches only 2 mm per month.

Summer weather in Lanzarote


June can still be assigned to spring.

The real summer in Lanzarote starts in July and lasts till October. Average low temperature during these months does not drop below 20 degrees Celsius and the average high temperature reaches 27 – 27 degrees Celsius.

Also, there are almost zero precipitation during these months and sun shines 10 -11 hours per day. So, the summer in Lanzarote is the most attractive season. The weather is perfect to sunbathe, to go swimming, diving or just enjoy awesome beaches.

Weather in Lanzarote

Weather in Lanzarote in June. Summer begins! But it is not the warmest month in Lanzarote island. During June temperature can reach 26 or more degrees Celsius daytime and decrease to 19 degrees Celsius at night. No precipitation. Almost 14 hours of sunshine – longest day in the year.

Weather in Lanzarote in July. Still not the warmest month in year. Average temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperature rises to 28 or more degrees Celsius and at night drops to 20 degrees Celsius. No precipitation.

Weather in Lanzarote in August, September. August and September are warmest months in Lanzarote island. It is the best time to spend your holidays in Lanzarote. During these two months temperature averagely rises to 29 or more degrees Celsius or 84 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no precipitation and a lot of sunshine.

Autumn weather in Lanzarote


Temperature starts dropping from September and keeps decreasing till January when it slowly starts to grow. In October average temperature is about 22 degrees and in November – about 17.

You can still enjoy the weather in Lanzarote during autumn, especially when less tourists visit the island. Precipitation amount significantly increases in November and reaches average 24 mm. Sunshine during October December reaches only 6 – 7 hours. But it is still enough to spend your holidays in Lanzarote.

Weather in Lanzarote in October. Temperature slightly decreases. But it still reaches 27 degrees Celsius or more. At night can drop to 19 degrees average. Only 6 mm of precipitation in whole month and eleven and a half hours of sunshine.

Weather in Lanzarote in November. Daytime temperature reaches 24 degrees Celsius average. At night temperature can drop to 17 degrees Celsius. There are little bit more precipitation – 15 mm per month. That is still not much.

Weather in Lanzarote

Winter weather in Lanzarote


Winter in Lanzarote? Well, average low temperature during winter in Lanzarote does not drop below 14 degrees Celsius. So you can say there is no winter in Lanzarote.

Even though, when average high temperature reaches 20 Celsius or more! But precipitation, started to grow in November reaches its’ max in December – 35 mm. And decreases below 20 mm in February, below 15 – in April.

Least sunshiny days in Lanzarote are in November (6 hours) and December – January (7 hours).

All amount of precipitation during the year in the island is about 125 – 150 mm. So you can compare it to your living area amount of precipitation and decide whether it is much or not.

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Weather in Lanzarote in December, January. Weather in December and January is quite the same. During these months average air temperature drops to 18 degrees. At day it can reach 22 degrees Celsius and at night it can be 14 degrees Celsius. December and January has highest precipitation rate reaching 26 mm per month.

Weather in Lanzarote in February. Weather in February is quite the same as in January. Average daily high and average low is the same, 21 degrees Celsius during day and 14 degrees Celsius at night. The difference between weather in Lanzarote in January and in February is that in February there are a little bit less precipitation – 18 mm. Daytime in February – 11 hours.

As you can see, climate in Lanzarote is mild, even during winter. So, don’t doubt and pack your luggage – full of sun and sandy beaches island is waiting for you!