Submarine Safari Lanzarote

If you ever dreamed of seeing fascinating underwater world and diving into the water with a submarine, you can make your dream come true on Volcanic Island of Lanzarote. In Puerto Calero Port you will find modern submarine with 48 seats, which provides this special service.

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The company, which provides Submarine has about 20 years of experience in taking people on underwater excursions, starting in the exclusive marina and along the coast.

To purchase some souvenirs or buy some gifts you can walk or drive down the road to the port. Here on the left-hand side, you can find the office where you can book your dream tour for a submarine. After booking your tour, before the start of your amazing underwater journey, you can meet up with other passengers in front of the office.

Don’t be late you don’t want to miss this, for many people unknown, underwater world of the island.  Specially trained staff gives you some security instructions, which you must follow because this is not just an excursion but at the same time, it’s high tech trip where submarine dives up to 60 meters underwater.

Given security advice are similar to the security advice given on plane. But here, instead of security belts and emergency exits, they explain the use of swimming vests and the oxygen masks. For this instruction to be more understandable, the company shows a video to passengers along with a more detailed live explanation by staff.

Submarine safari Lanzarote

Submarine weights about 106 ton. The technical equipment of submarine makes every passenger feel totally safe and secure. Even if you are pregnant or have some health issues related to respiratory systems, you don’t have to worry because the submarine system provides automatical regulation of the air pressure.

There is only one restriction, which doesn’t allow children under the age of two, to be on board of submarine, so if you are planning the tour with a toddler you should have in mind this restriction and wait a year or two before diving into this magnificent experience.

After receiving all needed instructions and advice you can walk with the passenger team along the boulevard to the submarine Sub Fan Tres.

After seeing yellow submarine with humongous sizes you can be sure that your trip will be unforgettable and adventures. You can take some photos before your trip starts to make your memories about this excursion last longer and then dive into the waters of picturesque Lanzarote.

You will be continuously updated about the directions and the depth the submarine has reached on the monitors in front of you, where you can also inspect how a submarine dives into the Atlantic ocean.

The first thing you will definitely see after diving into the water will be the group of the fish swimming past the window next to you. You will get detailed information about everything you see underwater, including fish species, underwater fauna. You will get this information in three languages.

To see one of the most rear manta ray or ball fish you should keep a close eye on a window next to you and be a bit lucky, as it is very rare to see them. You will also be a witness of an amazing scene how diver feeds the fish in front of you after submarine reaches 35 meters down the ocean.

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To make your trip much more fun and memorable, the famous Beatles song yellow submarine is played along with your journey, which will definitely make you sing along. At the end of the trip, the tour office gives each passenger dive certificate and also the photos taken before the beginning of the tour. Finally, if you want to have an amazing trip you should definitely book it one day in advance.

Submarine safari in Lanzarote video