Matagorda in Lanzarote

Matagorda is a small town which was part of Puerto del Carmen, but now it stands on its own. It is a 5-minute drive from Puerto Del Carmen. It’s one of the serene places in Lanzarote.

The quietest place, where it feels like music in cafes and restaurants, is set on a low setting. Located on the south-east coast of Lanzarote, a 5-minute drive from Puerto del Carmen, this small privileged resort village is widely perceived as a suburb of the more crowded and noisy Puerto del Carmen.

Matagorda in Lanzarote

Despite the Fact that Matagorda is small village, There are a lot of amazing hotels, So you don’t have to worry about a place to stay. In Matagorda stay those who seek quiet, without losing connection to “civilization”. It’s also near to Puerto Calero and by bus you can get to such popular resorts in Lanzarote as Costa Teguise, and to the capital Arrecife, and to the airport located just 14 kilometers away.

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One problem is that there is no direct bus to Lanzarote airport: you have to change to another route in Arrecife, but you can always take a taxi if you want. Such a trip will cost you about 20 euros. From Puerto del Carmen there is also a bus service, but tourists prefer to use a sea-tram, the trip which is much more interesting and fascinating.

Matagorda is a real find for travelers who do not perceive a full vacation without beach activities and walks in the picturesque places, as well as for those who have long dreamed to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the true culture of the Canary Islands. In Matagorda is a unique animal park Rancho Texas Lanzarote, which will be interesting to visit with the whole family.

Here are the most diverse species of animals: bison and crocodiles, raccoons and tigers, as well as fur seals and dolphins. interesting performances are organized for visitors with the participation of animals. The park is different and very original in its design. It is stylized as a classic Texas ranch.

Playa Matagorda is about 1,000 meters long. Some parts of the coast are equipped with sun loungers and parasols, special shower cabins are available for those who are resting. Despite the fact that the beach has well-deserved popularity among tourists, it is characterized by its quiet atmosphere and all is thanks to its impressive size.

Matagorda Lanzarote

Most popular activities in Matagorda are linked to water. Scuba diving is one of the popular activities there because water is always warm and visibility is 20m. It’s the best place to get to know the underwater world better. Matagorda is located near the Capitol City Arrecife. Arrecife will appeal to those who like to study interesting historical places during their holidays. To Protect Port areas, two fortresses were built in the middle ages.

When walking around the streets of Matagorda you will see many old buildings where islanders have lived for around 100 years. This magnificent small resort is also known for its fish market and restaurants, where special dishes are prepared from sea delicacies. If you don’t like fish there are many type of restaurants for every kind of taste: Japanese, Chinese and Etc.

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Sometimes you might feel very lonely on Matagorda beach, but you will have the whole coast for you which is amazing for those who love quit places. Don’t worry about you safety there is a lifeguard hut situated in the middle of this golden sandy beach.

So if you want to have a nice vacation and you are a person who likes more calm atmosphere, Matagorda is definitely for you. You will have the best vacation on a white sandy beach of  Matagorda.

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