Restaurants in Playa Blanca

On the south coast of Lanzarote lies Playa Blanca. Today, the once a small fishing village has become a very popular resort and touring destination in Spain’s Canary Islands. The place is dominated with wonderful beaches, hence its name Playa Blanca, which means “white beach”.

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It is a perfect place for families, couples, and teens looking for a relaxing holiday in a magnificent surrounding. Whereas the main attractions in Playa Blanca are its beautiful beaches, you can’t just get enough of the popular restaurants in its seafront. They feature the most modern eateries, bars, and entertainment joints around Lanzarote.

Many restaurants in Playa Blanca has view of the ocean

The place has a large selection of restaurants that offer different cuisines. No matter your race or taste, you will always find something that appeals you. You can have a traditional Spanish dish in the afternoon and sample a fancy Indian cuisine later in the day. The restaurants are family friendly, where kids can get entertainment from attractions like small fireworks displays and parrots.

Owing to the great appeal and beauty which comes with Playa Blanca restaurants, it can be very difficult to choose the best place to eat. I will guide you through a list of the best restaurants so that you can simply down your selection depending on your personal taste, service, and value for money.

Some restaurants are just on the sea shore

  1. Brisa Marina Restaurant.

If you are looking for the traditional Canarian cuisines, then Brisa Marina is the place. The restaurant boasts about its ability to prepare fresh dishes of Spanish native products obtained both from the land and sea. Their cuisines highlight both passion and enthusiasm in maintaining a deep respect for their own roots.

Well, on your next holiday trip to Playa Blanca, why don’t you consider having a taste of Papas Arrugadas served with Mojo Verde or Picon at this big seafront restaurant.

  1. Cafe Terraza.

A nice holiday in Playa Blanca doesn’t go well for a European without a decent morning coffee or a friendly evening drink. At Cafe Terraza Restaurant, you will get to enjoy moderately priced delicious morning coffee. You will also find it a great place with a lovely, chilled atmosphere during the evening breeze while enjoying a drink or two.

  1. Plaice in The Sun.

As an English restaurant, Plaice in The Sun boasts as one of the best fish & chips eateries in Lanzarote. The place has a family atmosphere that suits people of all ages. If you still want to enjoy English cuisines like battered sausages, mushy peas, and chicken breast chunks while in the Spanish lands, this is your place.

  1. Spice Fusion.

Spice Fusion offers classic Indian dishes as their main cuisines. Although, you will still find a budget priced English and Canarian dishes in the restaurant. In case you want a true Indian taste, why don’t you order lamb madras or chicken Karahi and let the delicacy melt in your mouth.

  1. La Cocina de Colacho.

Defined by most people as one of the best family restaurants in Lanzarote, La Cocina de Colacho is characterized by awesome delicacies across the notable races. Its interior and exterior design don’t go unnoticed as walk there to enjoy a family dinner after a wonderful evening of fun in Playa Blanca. Their cuisines are authentic, and no matter what you would like to have, there is something for you from Mediterranean to European to local traditional dishes.

  1. Ice House.

The Ice House is located right at the center of Papagayo Commercial Centre. The restaurant features vegetarian-friendly dishes, British cuisines, and a decent pub. Ice House boasts of its ability to prepare family breakfast and brunch. The dishes there are well cooked, tasty, and nicely presented. You will get to enjoy double burgers, beef curry, and burgers among other international cuisines.

There is big choice of restaurants in Playa Blanca

With its strategic location for perfect ocean views and great international menu, Romantica sits among the best restaurants in Playa Blanca. If you are looking for one restaurant to frequent throughout your holiday visit in Lanzarote, this is your place. There is a little of every cuisine on the menu, from a duck in mango sauce to steaks to pasta. Romantica is ideal for special celebrations or romantic dinners.

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Whether you are traveling for a family holiday or as a couple in Playa Blanca, there is a restaurant that will suit your needs. You will taste different dishes from different races and still feel like you have just started. Among other notable restaurants in the place include Chacho Fresh Burger, Marea Terraza Lounge Bar, The Port of Call, Ninen Lanzarote, Casale Franco, and Blue Note Lanzarote among other hundreds of restaurants.