Lanzarote Places to Avoid

A nice family holiday to Lanzarote comes with a ton of nice things to explore and do. So does a trip as a couple or holidaymaker to this marvelous Canary island. It is an oasis that prides itself for superb beaches, seafront views, and perennial warmth.

Not to mention, Lanzarote is the home to world’s second largest Carnival, Spain’s largest mountain, and award-winning wines.

Although, like any other magnificent location on the planet, the place comes with its DO’s and DON’T’s. As you explore the island, there are a few places to avoid for your personal safety.

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Avoid Electronic and Camera Shops

Whereas you are guaranteed of shopping authentic cigarillos, cigars, wines, cosmetics, and souvenirs from Lanzarote markets and boutiques, the case is different when it comes to their electronics and camera shops.Most of these electronics appear to be high-end but are mostly knock-offs and cheap.

If you see a seemingly high-end camera being sold at a cheaper price, then you should just avoid them.

In any case, what is the need of frequenting their electronic shops whereas you can get good bargains at home or online?

Lanzarote beaches

Don’t swim while you see a red flag!

Keep-off Goldcar and Orlando Car Rentals

Most tourists have rented and posted their negative reviews about Goldcar online. With a simple google search about “Goldcar Lanzarote,” you will get to find why you should rather avoid this place.

They have been accused of scam and overcharging their customers. In most cases, they will charge over 100 Euros for cleaning services days after you have taken back the car and left the islands.

It is easy to get ripped-off!

The case is a little bit different for Orlando Car Rentals. In their case, instead of rip-offs, you will be slapped with poor customer services and poorly maintained cars. Most of their cars have been reported to be in poor conditions with marks, scratches, dents, and worn-out interior. Some are poorly serviced and not in full working order.

Well, Orlando Car Rentals are cheap! But you should keep in mind that you are going for a holiday trip. You don’t want your kids or spouse to keep ranting around the house how they used a poor car on a trip to the Canaries.

Moreover, you will experience long waiting hours to get the car and at times you might be forced to take a bus from the airport to their offices!

Lanzarote places to avoid

Be careful when choosing a car rental company

Avoid Strolling Around the Streets and Beaches at Night

In other countries and towns, you can perfect take strolls at night with much safety. Although, it is not very safe to walk or explore Lanzarote at night, specifically when you are alone.

There are cases where tourists have been attacked at the beaches at night. When exploring the streets, more so in lively resorts like Playa Blanca, it is good to lock your stuff away rather than carrying them around in one bag to avoid undesired surprises.

Opportunistic pickpockets might that small bag that is carrying your jewelry, passports, and money. If walking at night is your thing, opt for the well-populated and well-lit streets.

Avoid Beaches Flying Red Flags

Beaches that are flying red flags mean that there is not bathing and swimming that area.

You should keep in mind that Lanzarote is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Whereas swimming is perfectly safe on most occasions, there are times when rip currents and deep rollers reach the shores.

Don’t swim if there are red flags on the beach, you can opt for another beach.

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Lanzarote is generally safe and ideal for any type of tourists who would like to experience the true taste of the Canary Islands.

Although, it is good to be cautious just for in case. Nonetheless, you should avoid drinking too many spirits.

Unlike in the West and US, tonic, whiskey, and gin aren’t measured in Lanzarote.

They are very generous as they just pour it in a glass. Hence, you might just have three or four times of what you normally get at home with the same amount of money!

Hope these advice about places to avoid in Lanzarote had helped you. And we wish you safe holidays!

Lanzarote at night