Lanzarote Weather in November

Lanzarote enjoys high temperatures and average rain in the month of November. Thanks to its strategic location of the Northern Africa’s west coast. Since it stands on the furthest east of the Canary Islands, the island has warm weather around the year.

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The average temperature in Lanzarote falls from 22 degrees Celsius at the start of November to about 19.5 degrees Celsius in final few days of the month. Similar temperature patterns are observed on a daily basis with highs of 25 to 22 degrees Celsius and lows of 19 to 17 degrees Celsius.

Rain is rare in Lanzarote

Climatic Influences in Lanzarote

Lanzarote island is very close to the Sahara Desert. Hence, the desert plays a bigger role in influencing the climate of this canary island. Hot winds and occasional dust storms are sent to the island from the desert which is less than 130km away. The winds are very common when seasons are changing more so in the month of November.

The Canary current and northeasterly winds will keep you cool since they are streams of water from the Atlantic Ocean. These winds also help in improving the diving scene of the island. The fact that the Lanzarote is a flat and small means that there is no much difference in weather around the island. However, the south of the island gest the best of the breeze scenes and holiday friendly climate.

November Temperatures Around Lanzarote

The highest temperature that has ever been recorded in Lanzarote for the past few decades is 34.2 degrees Celsius. That was on 8th November 1999. On 27th November in 1977, the island recorded the lowest temperature of 10.9 degrees Celsius. As a holidaymaker, November is a very great month to visit the island. The average temperatures at the sea are 21 degrees Celsius in the month of November.

Most visitors and holidaymakers find this temperature very ideal for enjoying a great dip into the sea. It is the reason why Lanzarote experiences huge numbers of swimmers and sunbathers on the beaches in this month of the year. This part of the Canary island suits people who enjoy pleasantly mild temperatures and won’t mind one or two odd cloudy spells. All you need are t-shirts, shorts, and a thin cardigan or jumper in the daytime. In the nighttime, you will probably be a lot more comfortable in a jacket or coat.

Nice weather is common in Lanzarote

November Rains Across Lanzarote

Throughout the month of November, the island receives an average of 14mm of rainfall that spreads over five days. In case you are unlucky enough to experience some precipitation during your November holiday in Lanzarote, it will most likely be light or moderate rainfall, or maybe a passing drizzle.

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Lanzarote recorded the highest precipitation on the 25th of November 1989 in any November in the past few decades. In one single day, the island received 49l/m2 of rainfall. It was the wettest November in the history (as per the records) of Lanzarote, where the total rainfall stood at 80.9l/m2. Moreover, November 2012 appeared to have recorded the highest number of rainy days. In that month, it rained for a total of 16 days out of the 30 in the month on the island.

Water is warm even in November

Sunshine Hours in November

Lanzarote prides itself for about eight hours of sunshine per day throughout the month of November. As a holidaymaker or travel enthusiast, you will have plenty of time to hit the beach and soak yourself in some rays. In rare occasions, siroccos and calimas might hit the island, even in the month of November. However, such unpleasant weather conditions are more common in summer months, as they are caused by sand storms blown over from the Africa’s west coast. Siroccos and calimas don’t pause any dangers other than low visibility and very high temperatures. It’s time to pack your bags for a memorable November visit on this wonderful island!