Lanzarote – Quiet Places to Stay

There are a lot more places to stay in Lanzarote than just the three main resorts. Whereas most tourists and travel sites talk much about Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, and Costa Teguise, there are much more beautiful and quiet places to stay on this small island.

You can choose to explore some historic towns like Teguise or discover picturesque villages like Yaiza and Haria.

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Despite being small in size and receiving very little rainfall per year, there’s much more to the small island that what meets the eyes at the beach frontier.

From fishermen’s cottages to traditional homes, you will get to find the unusual places in Lanzarote than aren’t fond of partying style and wild tourists so they are known as quiet places for tourist who are seeking peace.

You will get to sip wine that has been produced from grapes grown on volcanic lava and experience their architectural heritage and culture which has protected since the days of one committed artist, Cesar Manrique.

Lanzarote quiet places

A lot of people searches for quiet places in Lanzarote

Quiet places to stay in Lanzarote


When looking for quiet places, you want to get both daytime tranquility and nighttime peace.

In renowned resorts like Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise, there are large resorts facing the sea where you can find quiet peace.

Although, the case is different when it comes to Puerto del Carmen. This resort is inhabited with partying lifestyle, discos, bars, and lively music.

Even if you might be fortunate to book a good like Seaside Los Jameos Playa, you will still not manage to experience the ultimate tranquil that comes with quieter places like Haria and Yaiza.

Haria – A Beautiful Traditional Village


A beautiful small village that reminds you Lanzarote is just some 100 kilometers from West Africa’s shoreline. Haria has its location in the valley of 1,000 palms and will suit any visitor is would want to see a real slice of the Canarians.

The village is very atmospheric whilst the scenery is nothing less than breathtaking.

Like any other small village, there is an artisan market that takes place every Saturday. There is much to see in this village, from the art gallery at old Aljibe to water deposit at main square to the local cemetery where Cesar Manrique was buried.

Alberto Vazquez, a Canarian author, described the place as the most beautiful village on the Canary Islands is not the entire world.

As a tourist, you will find this palm-filled oasis verdant and green, something that is a real contrast to the southern landscapes like Playa Blanca which are starker.

The village itself is a home to about 2,000 people inhabitants. If you choose this place, you can wake up in the morning and take a walk along the Barranco Walk.

It is the only watercourse that runs through the village and might be just a good place to walk as you explore the village and Town Hall.

Lanzarote quiet places

Quiet hotel at night – good choice!

Yaiza – The Prettiest Village in Spain


Described as the prettiest village in Spain on multiple times, Yaiza is a place for holidaymakers who are looking for tranquility and quietness. It is really quite place to stay in Lanarote. You will be lucky to visit the village since it’s in a close proximity to the Timanfaya volcanoes.

Yaiza is featured with plant-filled squares and streets and prides itself for some 3,500 inhabitants. Around the year the beautiful village is always flourishing with both economic survival, traditions, and streams of visitors who come to experience the tranquil.

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Yaiza’s historic and charming whitewashed squares and buildings have been preserved for very many centuries. You will get to explore the colorful painting, melt your mouth with traditional Canarian dishes, interact with the inhabitants, and explore sites like Timanfaya National Park.

It might be the right place for a family or couple who would like to experience the real Canarian culture but wouldn’t want to mingle with the thousands of tourists in resorts like Playa Blanca and Puerto Carmen.

Not to mention that such resorts have been modernized in the recent past!

When visiting Yaiza, you shouldn’t expect a throbbing metropolis, but a more traditional and authentic Lanzarote.

Lanzarote quiet places to stay

Even Arrecife can suggest you quiet places to stay

Whereas these two are the quietest places in Lanzarote, you can still find tranquil in other places like Tahiche, Tias, Matagorda, and Playa Quemada.

Moreover, there is a wider range of accommodation and you will always find a quiet one even in lively resorts like Puerto del Carmen.

As a tip, always choose rooms that face the pool rather than the sea for more quiet place in busy resorts. In the villages, there are village resorts and accommodation that will leave you with unforgettable memories about the Canary Islands!