Things to do in Lanzarote for Couples

Traveling as a couple comes with a huge amount of fun and excitement. You get to have a time together where you have eyes for each other, fantastic food and wine, and incredible views.

Whether you are looking to explore sprawling cities, have fun in night parties, or laze on the beach, there is a world out there for younger and older couples.

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Lanzarote is a true example where you can have a wonderful moment as a couple. Most couples who have been there before have termed it as a paradise for anyone wishing to have an alone time with their loved ones.

There, you get to enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes with the sea breeze, as well as explore the marvelous island.

These are some of the great things you can do as a couple in Lanzarote, from wine tasting to viewing volcanoes.

Lanzarote for couples

Beach is always a good idea

Enjoy a Trip to The Fundación Cesar Manrique


A true holiday to some foreign land isn’t complete without some art. As a couple, you can enjoy a tour to Cesar Manrique and get to know this multi-faceted man who has expressed the volcanic landscape and unique architecture of the Canary island beautifully.

The Cesar Manrique is a great Canarian Artist, doing his art from a house that has been constructed with volcanic material. Perhaps, he is one of the most famous artists in Spain. You will enjoy his work while melting your mouth with a three-course romantic lunch at a fishing village.

Visit Timanfaya National Park


Among other things to do for couples check Timanfaya National Park which is the most breathtaking attraction in Lanzarote. The area is well known as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, not to mention that it was recently included in the list of World Network of Geo Parks.

If you are the kind of couples who take some time to appreciate beautiful flora and fauna, then this is a perfect place for you.

You will get to view the Martian-like landscape, thousands of species of plants and animals, as well as have a bite of food cooked on a grill with heat coming out from a volcano.

Lanzarote for couples

Watching sunset is always romantic

Snorkeling in Breathtaking Warm Waters


The oceans around Lanzarote is warm around the year. In summer, they reach 24 degrees Celsius and only fall to about 18 degrees during the winter.

For a couple, snorkeling can be a fabulous experience mainly because you get to have an exceptional visibility of one another.

Moreover, you will have an amazing view of the amazing sea life that is close to the shore.

Among the best beaches for snorkeling in Lanzarote include Playa La Garita in Arrieta, Playa Flamingo in Playa Blanca, Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen, and Playa Jablillo in Costa Teguise.

Unwinding at Playa del Papagayo


Playa del Papagayo is a beach within a national park. As a young couple, you can experience some tranquility in this scenic surrounding, while looking out to the islands of Puertit during the clear days. It can be such a breathtaking moment where you will only have some few words within a moment of peace.

Party Until Dawn on Puerto del Carmen’s Strip


Puerto del Carmen’s is the center of Lanzarote’s nightlife. It is the main Avenida that runs along the beach.

Clubs and bars in this place stay open until dawn. If you are an adventurous and outgoing young couple, then this is a place for you. They offer a huge choice of live music, where their Dj’s play all styles.

Nonetheless, when these clubs close, you can grab some breakfast along the front for some few dollars.

Puerto del Carmen restaurants

Trying new meals might be unforgettable experience!

Swimming with Sea Lions


Another memorable experience to do as a couple in Lanzarote is swimming with sea lions. You can have loads of fun at the Rancho Texas Animal Park, which is the only place on the island that you can get to swim with sea lions.

And hey! Racho Texas has got some entertainment and delicious menu too!

You can eat until you are full with a BBQ buffet. Enjoy some amazing delicacies from jacket potatoes, succulent chicken, sauces, ribs, and salads, not to mention ice cream for dessert.

You can grab your girl and take her to the floor for some good ole’ country classics with the Texas Bandits!

Have a Fantastic View at Las Cuevas de los Verdes


Also known as the Green Caves, Las Cuevas de Los Verdes are architectural phenomena by the renown Cesar Manrique. The great optical illusion will astound you as you view the beautiful lighting designed by Jesus Soto.

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Anything you choose to do will always prove to be rewarding, we haven’t even exhausted the list of Cesar Manrique attractions!