Fiestas and festivals in Lanzarote

It is time to party! Clearly, younger tourists most of the times are more intrigued by offered entertainment possibilities, than trying out different sightseeing objects, as museums. Without any doubts, even thought there has to be balance, during the second part of the day, excitement takes our mood and having fun becomes a priority.

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Thus, today we are going to announce the most known festivals and fiestas, which are regularly held in resort of Spain – Lanzarote. Hopefully, you will be able to find out and “grab”, as we like to say, ideas and will organize your time to have a chance to participate at at least one of the events. Thus, open your eyes widely and check our given fiestas and festivals of resort of Lanzarote.

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Let’s begin with the essential one and most demanded, if we may say, event. Simply Carnaval – without any doubts, probably every citizen of the world know the marvelous carnaval type events, which are held every year in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Actually, our suggested event is pretty similar to it, knowing that plenty of people go to the streets and bring up the parade. To be honest with you, survey says that this specific ceremony requests most visitors, especially Europeans, who would like to participate in Rio de Janeiro specific event, yet they do not have enough resources to go there. In this cases, fiesta in Lanzarote becomes more reasonable choice.

Let’s move on with another one – Canarian day, which is held on 30th of May. As you may know, even though islands, where Lanzarote is located, belongs to Spain, it is still believed that they are as individual culture, thus mentioned celebration brings marvelous local attention. Without any doubts, such a ceremony is extremely colorful and massive, thus for tourists, and, of course, local people, it makes a wonderful impact and creates extraordinarily great memories.

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Fiesta de Nuestra Senora de Los Dolores – the third one. To be honest with you, it is also a parade type event, which is celebrated to mention the halt of the volcanic eruption, which was noticed in 1824. Most of the people, at that day, enjoy wearing national Canarian costumes and share the joy with everyone. It is extremely wonderful and peaceful event, which naturally helps people to make their mood up.

All things considered, as you may see, there are plenty of different, yet extremely positive, events, which are annually held in Lanzarote.