Cueva de Los Verdes Lanzarote

Did you know that Lanzarote is famous for its one of the longest volcanic tunnels? Is not that a shocking though for you, as a tourist? We feel an excitement even though we are currently far away from this place.

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It is an extremely unique object, which was used hundred years ago to protect the local people from different kind of nature’s disasters. Even though human beings are not at the risk anymore, Cueva de Los Verdes has become as one of the essential symbols of Lanzarote and every citizen of the island is proud of it.

However, nowadays it has become as an extraordinarily attractive sightseeing place for the tourists, knowing that it is believed that there is more than realistic out there! Yes, we are talking about spiritual things and hidden secrets. It is interesting, is not it?

Thus, what it actually is? As we have mentioned, it is one of the longest volcanic tubes all around the world. Interesting fact that is has formed 4000 years ago, which is a remarkable number to announce! Of course, most of the people might say that it is incredibly unsafe, yet we are willing to make sure you by saying that the renovation works are done constantly that for sightseeing interests it is more than good to go!

Also, there is another great historical fact about Cueva de Los Verdes – even though we were saying that the locals use mentioned caves as their own protection of different nature’s disasters, they used to go there during the Pirate’s period as well. As Lanzarote was extremely “loved” by the pirates, for the local people there was no other way than trying to hide to stay alive. Naturally, we should also notice that this idea explains why people are so proud of the place.

Is it worth visiting? Well, let’s begin with saying that we would not share this incredible place if we were thinking it is not worth to see. More over, volcanic tunnels reveal a marvelous beauty of nature, which could not be seen anywhere else. If you would love to be amazed by incredible “artworks”, without any doubts you should visit it!

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All things considered, knowing that the relevant prices currently balance from 8 to 10 euros, it would be a major loss for the people, who would decide to avoid visiting Cueva de Los Verdes.