Cesar Manrique Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a city full of beautiful natural surraundings, breathtaking beaches and architecture that can take you back centuries. But naturally formed beauty of the city is not the only attraction. César Manrique is a man, who can be described in multiple ways. An architect, sculptor, designer, an artist or simply a genius – this man has left a mark on Lanzarote‘s landscape and it is obvious to anyone familiar with him.

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One of the pieces of art made by César Manrique are easily noticeable everywhere around the area. His simplistic statue – like wind toys make a breathtaking mix of mans touch and nature, which are complimentary to one another. Because of Manrique‘s work, there are no damaging billboards, advertisements or skyscraping buildings, which is crucial for keeping the city and its artistry connected with the marvelous natural surroundings.

Nature always took a big part in César Manrique‘s work. Even from young age, he was able to see the one of a kind natural beauty of the island. Family vacations would often be spent admiring the landscape of the island.

Cesar Manrique lanzarote

César Manrique was one of the strongest activists at keeping the natural surraundings of Lanzarote untouched by human hand. As marketing and tourism reached new heights in the late 1960‘s Lanzarote‘s beauty was put in danger. If not for César Manrique‘s efforts to convince the community that it is the utmost important to preserve and appreciate what sort of surroundings have formed around Lanzarote, we may not be having the opportunity to see and experience the island as it is today. Rather we would have been left with another cheap, concrete resort intoxicated with advertisements and marketing all over it. This point of view was very uncommon at that time and definitely ahead of its time, but thankfully the genius of César Manrique stood its ground.

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César Manrique‘s work always had strong connection to nature as he clearly did not want the human made part of the island to be completely seperated from nature. With the help of his friend – architect Luis Ibañez he was able to put his ideas to work. He was able to built his own house and studio inside five volcanic bubbles, which set the pace for later development of the island. From there more and more nature connected buildings and art pieces started to rise in Lanzarote, which made it and exciting new tourist attraction.