Car hire

When planning a trip to Lanzarote don‘t forget that you will probably need some transport facilities. Unless you are the one who is going to lie on a beach all day long. But remember that Lanzarote is unique island and has many things to offer. So if you are going to travel around or through the island we suggest you some ways how to do it.

Car hire in Lanzarote

Car hire in Lanzarote. Probably the most convenient transport is car. Car hire in Lanzarote is one the cheapest in all Europe because there are a lot of car hiring companies in canary islands. There are few things you need to know about hire a car in Lanzarote. First, don’t forget your to take driving license. Secondly, remember that you need to be at least 21 years old to be able to hire a hire. Even though, some companies gives you car if you have at least 25 years.

Car Rental in Lanzarote

Be sure that you have your driving license, passport and car rental documents with you. In Lanzarote you must drive on the right side of the road. Park just in allocated places. Be sure that all the passengers and the drive wears seat belts. There are serious fines for not wearing a seatbelt, drink driving or speeding too much. And at last, remember that some petrol stations do not accept credit cards so always have some cash with you. But the good point is that petrol in all Canary islands is really cheap because there is no excise.

If you are too young to rent a car or do not have driving license you always can take a bus in Lanzarote. If you are just travelling through Lanzarotes main spots or resorts it is quite convenient to use a bus. They run regularly between main tourist resorts and other important areas. You can get a timetable in every tourist offices.

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Taxi in Lanzarote. If you are staying in one resort it is reasonable to take a taxi. There are a lot of taxis in Lanzarote in all the resorts and towns. So it won’t be a problem to hire a taxi. But if you need it anytime and anywhere there are some telephone numbers:

Playa Blanca: 928 524222

Puerto del Carmen: 928 524220

Arrecife: 928 812710

Costa Teguise: 928 590863